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Compresor reciprocante media temp 1.5HP 230-1 POE sold

Copeland / COP-CS18K6E-PFV

$17,990.92 MXN


Descripción del producto

Datos Técnicos

  • HCFC, R-22, 60 Hz, 1phase, 208/230 V Medium temperature Performance Evaporator Temp(ºF) 20 0 Condensing Temp(ºF) 120 110 Return Gas (ºF) 65 65 Liquid Temp (ºF) 120 110 Capacity (Btu/hr) 18600 1870 Power (W): 2500 1870 Current (Amps): 10.8 8.2 EER (Btu/Wh): 7.4 6.4 Mass Flow (Ibs/hr): 289 174 Sound Data Sound Power (dBA): 0 Avg 0 Max Vibration (mils(peak-peak)): 0.0 Avg 0.0 Max Record Date: 2002-08-09 Despl(in 3/Rev): 3.64 Displ(ft^3/hr): 442.34 Overall Length (in): 10.23 Overall Width (in): 9.65 Overall Height (in): 13.81 Mounting Length (in): 7.50 Mounting Width (in): 7.50 Mounting Height (in): 14.19* Suction Size (in): 5/8 Stub Discharge Size (In): 1/2 Stub Initial Oil Charge (oz): 45 Oil Recharge (oz): 43 Net Weight (ibs): 65.0 Internal Free Volume (in^3): NA Horse Power: NA *Overall compressor height on Copeland Brand Product´s specified mounting grommets. Electrical LRA-High*:82.0 LRA Low*: NA LRA-Half Winding: NA MCC (Amps):22.4 Max Operating Current: RLA(=MCC/1.4;use for contactor selection): 16.0 RLA(=MCC/1.56;use for breaker & wire size selection):14.4 RPM: NA UL File No: NA UL File Date: 1984-12-28 *Low and High refer to the low and high nominal voltage ranges for which the motor is approved. Capacitors Type: Start Capacitor Part No:014-0061-16 Low MFD: 43.0 High MFD: 52.0 Volts:330 User Description: par bajo comience el condensador Part No:014-0061-28 Low MFD:145.0 High MFD: 175.0 Volts:250 User Description: alto par ejecutar condensador Part No:014-0064-07 Low MFD: 35.0 High MFD: 0.0 Volts:370 User Description: Alternate Applications Refrigerante: R-134a HFC Voltaje: 200 Fase: 1 Freq (Hz): 50 Aplicación: alta temperatura Refrigerante: R-134a HFC Voltaje: 208/230 Fase: 1 Freq (Hz): 60 Aplicación:alta temperatura Refrigerante: R-404A HFC Voltaje:200 Fase: 1 Freq (Hz): 50 Aplicación: Extended Medium Temp Refrigerante: R-404A HFC Voltaje:208/230 Fase: 1 Freq (Hz): 50 Aplicación: temperatura media extendida Refrigerante: R-507 HFC Voltaje:200 Fase:1 Freq (Hz): 50 Aplicación: Medium Temp extendida Refrigerante: R-507 HFC Voltaje: 208/230 Fase: 1 Freq (Hz): 60 Aplicación: Medium Temp extendida